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Our Mission

What We Do

Cajutel is pioneering a transformative project in West Africa, focusing on establishing high-speed internet using 100% solar power.

We are committed to building an entirely new internet infrastructure in West African countries (Guinea-Bissau,Guinea, Sierra Leone) where the lack of even basic network services is a significant barrier to development.

Our approach is not about upgrading outdated systems but creating a new, robust network from the ground up.

Why We Do it

Our drive stems from a deep understanding of the transformative power of the internet.

In a region where access to information and digital resources is severely limited, we see the internet as a critical tool for empowerment, education, and economic development.

By providing high-speed internet, we aim to unlock the potential of millions, enabling them to access a world of knowledge and opportunities. We believe that internet connectivity is not just a luxury but a fundamental right that can elevate the quality of life and foster societal progress.

For Whom We Do It

We aim to serve not only individual users but also businesses, educational institutions, and government entities.

Our primary focus is the people of West Africa, countries where the vast majority of the population has never experienced the benefits of the internet.

Our services are designed to be affordable and accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their economic status, can benefit from the vast opportunities that the internet provides.

Core Team

Andreas Fink
CEO & Founder
Andreas Fink
CEO & Founder
Andreas Fink is a visionary with a rich history in the telecommunications industry. With over 20 years of experience, he began his journey in 1992 by founding Ping Net GmbH in Switzerland, the first ISP focusing on individual users in the country. His expertise extends to various successful telecom ventures, including the establishment of a GSM network in Antarctica and the transformation of the e-max network in Iceland into a high-speed mobile network.
Foday Musa Kabba
Operations Manager
Foday Musa Kabba
Operations Manager
Foday Musa Kabba, a seasoned IT professional with 11 years experience in Data Centres, embarked on his journey by studying at L'AFPA in Paris, France, from 2012 to 2014. Following his education, he delved into a remarkable career, showcasing his skills as a Technician and Inventory Tech. Foday's expertise graced renowned IT giants, including IBM, Microsoft, and AWS. His contributions extended both locally in France, where he demonstrated technical finesse, and internationally, leaving an indelible mark on the IT landscapes of Norway and the Netherlands. Foday's impressive career path reflects his dedication to innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving realm of information technology.
Oumou Nassoko
Oumou Nassoko
With 8 years of expertise as an international cooperation project manager and 5 years as a bilingual resource, she has notably worked for a Canadian company based in the Philippines on a 2-year contract as a bilingual resource, as well as for other international companies. An expert in customer service, she brings a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a high level of flexibility to thrive in challenging and demanding environments. Oumou Nassoko completed all her training in South Africa.
Anita Locika
Interconnection manager
Anita Locika
Interconnection manager
With a strong 10-year background in the Telecommunication industry, Anita currently holds the role of an Interconnection Manager. Beginning her journey in datacenter project in 2011 in Iceland, she later transitioned towards backbone connectivity. Her current focus on interconnection management highlights her commitment to enhancing connectivity and bringing affordable internet solutions to Africa.


Future Vision: Transforming West African Telecommunications with Cajutel

At Cajutel, we’re more than just a telecommunications company; we are visionaries with a mission to revolutionize the West African telecommunications landscape.


Get Involved with CAJUTEL Token and Empower Communities!

Are you passionate about bridging the digital divide and bringing reliable internet access to underserved areas?


Introduction to Cajutel Token: Powering Africa’s Connectivity Revolution

In today’s fast-paced digital world, access to reliable and affordable internet connectivity is crucial for economic development


Investment Overview

Strategic Investment

Investment Sought

  • $12 million for Guinea-Bissau
  • $28 million for Guinea
  • $22 million for Sierra Leone


  • Projected break-even in 2 years
  • ROI expected under 5 years

High Growth Potential

Sustainable Model

Despite Guinea-Bissau's smaller market it promises good ROI and profitability. Expanding to Guinea could boost our potential tenfold.

Our plan focuses on low operating costs and capturing new internet users early, giving CAJUTEL a significant edge over slower, larger competitors.

The market in Sierra Leone is already in full swing and Cajutel is operating there since 2020 and rapidly expanding to the country side now.

Competitive Advantage

Low Operating Costs

Efficient cost management strategy for a competitive edge in a largely untapped market.

Rapid Market Capture

Advanced technology and strategic marketing to quickly secure a significant customer base.

Newest Projects

in 2 years

Projected break-even in 2 years

Cash Utilization

Network Buildup Cost




Network Operation


Office & Employees


240 %

Company growth

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